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    Established in an 16th-century palace, “Hotel De Rome”  combines a historic setting with contemporary luxuries. In the entrance hall the naked walls of bricks with archways testimonies the past of the building as well as the rests of an ancient roman house in the garden. In the underground the ruins of roman houses remains still little-known. All these rests surround the visitor with a past, that is  in handle vast and yet so far away. That’s Rome, where ever you are, past and present touch each other.

    Our hotel is located in the heart of Rome, via del Colosseo 72, only a few steps from Rome’s most famous sights like Capitol Hill, Palatine Hill, the Roman Forum, the Imperial Forum and mostly the symbol of Romes eternity: the Colosseum. No building symbolizes the Roman Empire quite like the Flavian Amphitheater.

    Hotel De Rome is  perfect home from a strategic point of view, for a holiday in Rome. The  location is an ideal choice for pleasure seeking tourists as well as those traveling for business purposes.  Best hotel to stay for singletons that wants to experience nightlife, as well as for couples in search of a place full of charm. Our hotel with is spacy garden and entrance hall is  family friendly.

    From the Imperial Forums, passing through the Venice Square (Piazza Venezia), you will arrive at the heart of Rome’s shopping area: Via del Corso, Via Frattina, Via Condotti, are the streets you should be looking for if you are a fashion lover. But there is more to see than admiring the clothes: you can find legendary attractions of Rome, the famous Fontana di Trevi, the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona.

    The city of Rome offers more than great monuments and history. The location of our hotel in the middle of the popular district (rione) of Monti makes the location although interesting from those who love to choose unusual places. Monti is central Rome’s secret urban village. It’s one of the city’s most charming old residential neighborhoods.

    In order to grantee a healthier environment our hotel is smoke free. Our staff is accommodating and friendly,  always available to help you. We try our best to make sure guests are satisfied on there stay with us. Our romantic garden with roman ruins invites you to relax, a peaceful oasis far away from the hectic and busy city life.